Welcome to Melissa's site

This site has been made for Melissa by her Mum and Dad for the purpose of helping other people,  here you will be able to read about Melissa's story and learn about Tuberous Sclerosis and the damage that can be caused by uncontrolled seizures. We are also building this site for the support of anybody who needs some one to chat to.

Please take some time to look at our Thank you page, where you will find links and credits to the people and organisations that have helped us through the hardest time of our lives.


If you have a few dollars to spare and want to donate it to the best cause for helping children like Melissa, Click on the Variety link and have a look at their web site. Variety have helped Melissa with about $40,000.00 over the last 13 years with temperature control unit, wheelchair lifter, and other specialised equipment that without Variety we would never afford.

Please donate to help children like Melissa, every dollar goes to the children in need