Melissa's Thank You Page

This page is for Melissa's family to thank all the people and organisations that have helped us get through the most difficult situation in all of our lives. We have so many people and organisations to thank for the help they have given, ranging from the much needed moral support through to the equipment and financial support. There is no way to put there help in any order so they are listed below in a random order that my brain comes up with.


Lyell McEwin Health Service S.Aust.

We would like to thank the Lyell McEwin Health Service for their ongoing patience and support incorporated in with their excellent and friendly service.


Variety Club of South Australia

A special thank you to John and Pam, but we would like to thank every one at the Variety Club and all the people that support them from donations through to the Variety Club bash participants



Crippled Childrens Association

of South Australia (Now Novita)

The ongoing support from the Crippled Childrens Association has proven to be a very valuable resource

of therapy and equipment for Melissa. With a special thank you to the therapists involved with Melissa's progress.


Domiciliary Care

A special Thank you to June at DomiciliaryCare for all the help and support given over the past years, June got every thing going for us and got us connected to the people we needed to, before June met our family we were just keeping it together, we hadn't really considered life out of the hospital.


Options Co-ordination

A very big thank you to Tricia for all the help and all the support, another person that we feel we could not have got through without.


Northern Carers Network

We would like to Thank Kerry and everyone at the Northern Carers Network for the wonderful support and warmth they have given us, they are truly a heaven sent organisation.


Whyatt Trust

Thank You to every one involved in running the Whyatt Trust for the assistance when it was needed, you helped to fill the gaps in the system.



A big Thank You to everyone that has helped us in the way they were and are able to, without all these people helping us we would have struggled through the whole ordeal, it is wonderful to know there is someone a phone call away that is waiting to try and help with any problems that do and always will pop up from time to time.


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